Model with Down syndrome Madeline Stuart to walk in New York Fashion Week :

This is a great story! Madeline has such an amazing mission too! 🙂 Please read:

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Dizzy Feet Foundation, And AXIS Dance Company:

This is the PSA for the Dizzy Feet Foundation:

They help to fund dance education and programs like the Youth Camp, at AXIS. This is the link to the AXIS Youth Camp:

I actually just found out I’m in the PSA, and the picture at AXIS. I’m in the hot pink shirt, and black shorts, towards the beginning of the PSA, and I’m in the bright blue shirt and black shorts, at the back of the AXIS picture.

Please support the Dizzy Feet Foundation, and AXIS Dance. I attended AXIS Youth Camp on a full scholarship, in 2013.

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Thanks for readin! 🙂 ❤